Google backs London tech for good

Written by Julian Blake, Editor at DigitalAgenda

In a boost for UK tech for good, Google’s London Campus has dedicated its autumn startup residency to tech for good, bringing in impactful ventures using blockchain, big data and more, in a four-month startup support programme.

google campus residencySix UK tech-for-good startups have taken up residency at Google’s London Campus space, as the US tech giant confirms new support for ventures created for purpose as well as profit, in its second London residency. “We welcome change makers from across all industries who are solving social and environmental problems with the use of technology,” Campus says.

The ventures work in impact spaces as diverse as mental health, drug discovery and skin care.

The four-month programme, which is cost and equity free, gives the six ventures office space, along with Google-facilitated mentoring and workshops, to help them develop. Most importantly, the residency gives the six access to the London Campus community – and it gives them a ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ passport that allows them access to other campuses worldwide (see below).

campuslogoCampus London first opened its doors in 2012, in a major new addition to the capital’s tech startup ecosystem, with a co-working and events space subsidised by the tech giant. It hosts expert talks, meetups and a startup school.

Startups going through the London space have raised more than £194m, says Google, with 4,189 people employed by startups over the same period. They raised £39m in 2017 alone.

Not all Campus-based startups are on the formal ‘residency’ programme but, of those that are, Google says they raised $24m worldwide in 2017 alone, creating 406 jobs.

Google now also operates Campuses in Berlin, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Warsaw.

Campus residency – tech for good startups

Platform using blockchain to bring transparency back to social funding, that shows exactly where charity donations go and how they’re making an impact. Former resident at Bethnal Green Ventures.

Looking to transform drug discovery through interdisciplinary innovation, GTN is using tech to develop new medicines targeting neurological conditions, and help create efficiencies in the drug development cycle.

“Made by carers, for carers”, KareInn is looking to transforming elderly care by using tech to ease admin burdens and retain the best carers. Its mobile app is designed to coordinate care and ease the administrative burden for carers

Free digital research platform that allows scientists and researchers to collect, organise and share data securely in the cloud. Tools effectively form a digital notebook that make reproducing research easier.

The SciApps SkinNinja app reveals what’s hiding in skincare and cosmetic products, from allergens to carcinogens, so consumers can choose the products that suit them best.

Chat-based therapist that allows people to talk to qualified counsellors confidentially and whenever they need, so they can keep on top of life’s stresses.


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