Maths4Girls: Inspiring the next generation

Written by Althea Blake, Maths4Girls Project Manager, Founders4Schools

Maths4Girls allows educators to invite trailblazing female role models who work within finance, investment and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) into the classroom to inspire and encourage students to take maths beyond GCSE.

Founders4Schools in partnership with 100 Women In Finance want to replace the fear factor with enjoyment and inspire girls to excel at maths and debunking the myth that maths is a male subject.

It was an absolute pleasure to attend our first Maths4Girls event this month and see the way that the young women at Elutec Academy opened up and connected with two of our wonderful role models.

maths4girls poster

In under an hour the girls, from age 14, were inspired to think more positively about maths, as our volunteer role models shared their own amazing career journey and how maths played a part. Here’s feedback from one of the girls about the impact the role models made:

“Inspired, as before I doubted choosing A-level maths but now I definitely am.”

The students were quite shy at first but they relaxed as the encounter went on and became enthusiastic to tell us about the careers they were aspiring to, which was an impressive list that included a pilot and a psychologist. The event was a huge success! At the end students were asked whether they enjoyed the Maths4Girls event, to which they replied unanimously with an emphatic “Yes!”

“Was very helpful and important. It made me think that I can go beyond and further my achievements”

It may have only been one hour, but the impact will be longer lasting. Check out our case study on the event.

If you want to run a Maths4Girls event and inspire your students to excel – click here

If you want to volunteer as a Maths4Girls role model – click here

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