Power & Responsibility Summit

15 October 2020, British Library

The DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility summit explores how technology can respond to the societal and economic issues we face, and debated issues of regulation, trust and the unintended consequences of the digital age.

The 2019 summit looked at the challenges that these issues present, and at the policy and technology solutions now emerging including the “Online Harms White Paper”

Summit Podcast

The first season of the DigitalAgenda podcast heard from industry experts, with recordings from this year’s DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility Summit. The insightful and thought-provoking discussions covered such diverse topics as data bias, the AI revolution, and profit for purpose.

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Episode Six: Technology & Society

panel discussionPower & Responsibility Summit panel discussion

[Listen time: 47 mins, 15 secs]

Digital technology is affecting many aspects of our social lives. How do we mitigate the impact of social media on mental health, personal development and behaviour? And how do we protect the vulnerable from scams, fraud and identity theft? The final episode of the DigitalAgenda podcast will delve into technology and society. We hear from Dr Indra Joshi, Claire Levens, Barry Panayi, Umesh Pandya, and Rachel Neaman as they discuss how we can harness the opportunities technology creates to improve well-being, resilience and personal responsibility.

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Episode Five: The World of Data

Caroline Criado PerezCaroline Criado Perez and Catherine Mayer at the Power & Responsibility Summit

[Listen time: 40 mins, 18 secs]

Is the world of data inherently biased? We hear from writer, broadcaster and feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez OBE, and Catherine Mayer, Executive Director of Datum Future and Co-Founder and President of the Women’s Equality Party as they discuss bias, confidence, challenges and opportunities within the world of data, at the DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility Summit 2019.

@CCriadoPerez @catherine_mayer

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Episode Four: Regulation & Innovation

Regulation & Innovation panel discussionRegulation & Innovation panel discussion

[Listen time: 38 mins, 44 secs]

Regulation is often seen as constraining innovation. How can we protect innovation whilst ensuring ethical development and responsible use of big data? What form of regulation is appropriate to ensure a trusted internet? And how can industry, government and the not-for-profit sector work together to achieve it?

We hear from Richard Sargeant, Johnny Hugill, Heather Savory, Cheryl Stevens MBE & Chris Thorpe, as they discuss the relationship between regulation and innovation at the DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility Summit 2019.

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Episode Three: The AI Revolution

Sana Khareghani at the Power & Responsibility SummitSana Khareghani and Catherine Mayer at the Power & Responsibility Summit

[Listen time: 41 mins, 05 secs]

Will AI be a force for good, or evil? What are the opportunities and challenges of the AI revolution? Listen as Sana Khareghani, Head of the UK Government’s Office for AI, & Catherine Mayer, Executive Director at Datum Future debate the future of the AI at the DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility Summit 2019.

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Episode Two: Purpose 2.0

[Listen time: 15 mins, 18 secs]

In the second of our recordings from this year’s Power & Responsibility Summit, we hear from Russell Haworth, CEO of Nominet, about profit with purpose. Russell speaks about the responsibility of big business to make a positive impact on the world, and explains how increasing your company’s purpose score is surprisingly commercially beneficial.


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Episode One: 10 Challenges and 10 Ideas for Change

[Listen time: 21 mins, 35 secs]

Listen as Rachel Neaman, Strategy Director at DigitalAgenda, Eva Appelbaum, Co-Founder and Director at Arc Group, and Jess Tyrrell, Director of Strategy at Beyond, delve into the movement towards ‘humane tech’. They debate potential solutions to the current ‘tech fear’ of the modern digital age. They discuss how technology is currently designed to manipulate our vulnerabilities, and deliberate how we can create a cross-sector, collaborative movement towards technology that is respectful to humanity. Eva and Jess are the co-authors of the DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility Summit Green Paper.

@RCNeaman @evaapp @JessTyrr

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Green Paper

Green paper social graphic

Summit Themes

BUSINESS – Power, responsibility and the economy

Technology is changing our economy fast. But too many business models work against the public interest. How can tech business, and government, do more for the common good?

SOCIETY – Responsible Innovation for good and regulation

How can it make the internet safer? What regulation is needed to ensure a fairer internet? How can we protect innovation?

PEOPLE – Technology, online behaviour and safety

Digital’s effects on online behaviour, mental health and concerns over privacy and online safety. How can we get past the problems that it creates? What are the wellbeing benefits that digital promises for us?

Delegates attended from across business, startups, big tech, policy, think tanks, the not-for-profit sector, academic and consumer groups.

Network Membership

Summit tickets included 1 year’s free membership for the DigitalAgenda Network. Discounts and free places apply for network members. If you are not sure whether you or your company is a member of DigitalAgenda, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

One of the best informed & most constructive debates I've participated in.

Chi Onwurah MP

Thanks for raising the bar on what an event on this theme should be like.

Adah Parris, Djembe Consulting

Surely one of the best events I have attended - organised with hard work and dedication.

Maria Axente, PwC
Pictures of summit 2019



Knowledge Centre Theatre, The British Library

The 2nd summit returned again to the modern Knowledge Centre at the British Library in Euston. The venue consists of a state-of-the-art theatre is the perfect setting for a day of ideas, debate and networking.

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